1 Samuel Intro

The two Books of Samuel were originally one volume along with 1 & 2 Kings in the Hebrew Scriptures. 1 and 2 Samuel were joined with the Book of Kings, and the total work was called “The Books of the Kingdoms. When it was translated into Greek (the Septuagint) in order to help in study … Read more

1 Samuel 29:1-11

29:1-2 Like David we sometimes get ourselves into awkward, unpleasant, or even perilous predicaments. They can become critical, boxing us in, appearing to have no answer or solution. But the wonderful message of God’s Word is this: there is no circumstance beyond solution, no problem or difficulty beyond the power of God to control or … Read more

1 Samuel 28:1-25

1 Samuel 28:1-6 The world of the occult is a dangerous world because it seduces people to put their trust in false prophets instead of God. Mediums, psychics, palm-readers, fortune-tellers, astrologers and other false prophets claim to have the power to predict the future and change the destiny of a person. But the truth is, … Read more

1 Samuel 27:1-12

David left the promised land and moved into the territory of the Philistines. After so many years of being on the run as a fugitive, David gave in to doubt and unbelief. He failed to continue trusting God’s promises. After his latest confrontation with Saul, David came to two conclusions of unbelief: 1) that Saul’s … Read more

1 Samuel 25:1-44

1 Samuel 25:1 In this chapter we see the contrast between an inconsiderate, selfish man and a wise, courageous woman. Sadly there are some who we will run into who are hard and mean-spirited. Thankfully there are courageous and wise women of the highest character who walk among us as well. In this chapter we … Read more

1 Samuel 22:1-23

1 Samuel 22 introduces the polarization of Israel over the conflict between Saul and David, for the first time the conflict reaches out and brings suffering and destruction to a whole city of innocent people. The chapter records yet another step in the decline of Saul’s ability to lead Israel and another step in David’s … Read more

1 Samuel 19:1-17

1 Samuel 19:1-10 In these verses we learn of the fifth attempt by Saul to kill David. This particular attempt was counteracted by Jonathan’s close friendship with David. Saul now publicly ordered the killing of David, charging his own son Jonathan and all his attendants to assassinate David. Up to this point, Saul’s attempts had … Read more

1 Samuel 18:20-30

1 Samuel 18:20-30 In this section we have the fourth attempt by Saul to kill David. When the Philistines failed to kill David, Saul was determined more than ever to eliminate David who he saw as a rival to his throne. One day Saul noticed an interaction between his daughter Michal and David that indicated … Read more

1 Samuel 12:1-25

1 Samuel 12:1-5 Samuel closed and vindicated his ministry before the people. Samuel is about to step aside and turn the reigns of leadership over to King Saul. But first in stepping aside, he wanted to stress the necessity for Saul to be faithful. He begins by vindicating his own ministry, showing how he had … Read more

1 Samuel 16:1-23

1 Samuel 16:1-5 Because of disobedience, King Saul was destined to be removed as king of Israel by the hand of God’s judgment. But the work of God among Israel would go on. God had chosen a young boy who had a heart “after God’s own heart”. Samuel was commissioned by God to anoint Saul’s … Read more