Matthew 8:1-27

Matthew 8:1-13 – In the sermon on the mount the King was bringing the New Law of the New Kingdom. No longer would Israel be under a Law which was meant to guard and guide the flesh but now would be filled and led by the Spirit with the law placed on the heart. These events … Read more

Matthew 7:1-27

Matthew 7:1-2 – The fall of man began with the enticement that if we disobeyed God and ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil we would “be like God, knowing good from evil”. Part of this temptation was the opportunity to be like God in judging. Primarily this has to do with … Read more

Matthew 6:1-32

Matthew 6:1-4 – In Matthew 5:21-48 the emphasis is on the King who is bringing the New Covenant where the law of God is written on the heart through the indwelling Spirit. Prior to Pentecost/Shavuot the Spirit of God did not permanently indwell God’s children. The focus is a call for us to not only know the Laws … Read more

Matthew 5:1-48 – Sermon On The Mount

The King and His Precepts and Principles for the Kingdom The message of the King is very closely related to the Older Testament, in fact it is a further testimony of its holiness. Jesus however brought new meaning to the commandments. This is accomplished by the work of the Holy Spirit which would take up … Read more

Matthew 4:1-25

The same Spirit that gave Jesus a human body Matthew 1:20, and declared his Sonship, now leads Him into the wilderness. The reality of Satan cannot be minimized. To deny his reality is to deny the authority of Scripture. He is the “adversary”, or slanderer. He is chief opposer of God and is seeking to … Read more

Matthew 3:1-10

Matthew 3:1-4 John the Baptist comes to Herald the coming Messiah. This is the fulfillment of Mal. 3:1 & 4:5 which is revealed in Matt. 11:10. Matthew also quotes Isa. 40:3. The context of Is. 40 is the return of the Babylonian captives returning. We noted this motif of the Babylonian return in our observation … Read more

Matthew 2

Matthew 2:1-2 Bethlehem was a small village on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The religious leaders knew that Bethlehem would be the birthplace of the Messiah from the prophecy of Micah, and they tell this to Herod in v. 5-6 (Mic. 5:2; John 7:42). Herod the Great, referred to here, ruled from 37–4 B.C. He was … Read more

Matthew 1:1-25

The reason Matthew begins with a study of the Genealogy is to establish the credentials of the promised King of Israel. Genealogy in Greek has the same root as Genesis or beginning. In Israel genealogy was essential to establish one’s credentials.  Ezra 2:62 speaks of the returning exiles who ‘searched for their family records but could … Read more

Matthew 5:3-12 – Beattitudes

Once in a while I’m asked to do a study on a specific portion of Scripture.  While we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop in the Middle East, I’d like to respond to one I received recently concerning a portion of the Sermon on the Mount commonly called “The Beatitudes”.  It’s found in Matthew … Read more

Matthew 23:1-39

Matthew 23:1 – The seat of Moses referred to both a literal seat where the most honored Rabbi sat. It was called the seat of Moses because not only did Moses know the Law but was able to interpret the Law and render judgment. This was the role of the chief Rabbi in every community … Read more