James 5:1-20

James 5:1-3 – Jacob continues in his warnings to believers that there are various trials that God sends our way to prepare us for our positions in the Kingdom.  Either we will respond to the trial or it will become a temptation. A great trial that comes to us is what we do with our … Read more

James 4:1-17

Jacob (James) is setting before his people the Jewish Believers a basic question-whether their aim in life is to submit to the will of God or to satisfy their own desires for the pleasures of this world. This passage has to do with the subject of fighting as opposed to yielding or surrendering. James 4 … Read more

James 3:1-18

James 3:1-8 – No other section of the Bible speaks with greater authority or impact regarding what we do with our tongue than this passage.   Jesus spoke on this subject. (Matthew 5:11,18-19). We need to see that the heart and the tongue are directly associated with each other.  The tongue is what communicates the … Read more

James 2:1-26

James 2:1-3 begins with the problem of showing partiality and Favoritism.  It deals with a discussion of various temptations and trials that are common to all believers. There are certain temptations and trials that are constantly confronting us. One of the strongest is that of showing partiality or favoritism, of discriminating against people. What does … Read more

James 1:1-27

James 1:1 – Jacob, the author of this letter is the English equivalent for Jacob.  Hence the real name of this letter was known as Jacob.  Three men of significance in the New Testament are called Jacob. (1) Jacob the son of Zebedee and brother of John who was the first apostle martyr, in a.d. … Read more