Genesis 14:1-24 – Abram

Genesis 14:1-4 – Abram dwelt securely in Mamre for a number of years.  According to this passage a confederacy of nations from the land of Mesopotamia made up of the kings of Shinar (Babylon) Ellasar (a leading tribe in southern Babylonia), Elam (Persia), and Goiim (a tribe in northeastern Babylonia). These tribes joined together and … Read more

Genesis 13:1-18

Chap. 13:1-7 – When Abraham and Sarah left Egypt they did not stop until they reached Bethel, which was the place where Abram called on the name of the Lord.  It was there that Abram last had fellowship with the Lord.  Sometimes we need to return to the last place we were in fellowship with … Read more

Genesis 11:1-32 – Tower of Babel and Call of Avram

Gen 11 – Explains how the dispersion of the nations described in chapter 10 took place. How this occurred is described in the events of Genesis 11. It explains why Nimrod left Babel (Babylon) and moved to Assyria. It also describes what happened in the days of Peleg. We learn in this chapter about the tower of Babel which was a … Read more

Genesis 10:1-32 Table of Nations

Chapter 10 is called the “Table of Nations.”.  Even secular scholars are amazed at the accuracy of this table of nations.  After the Flood, the people increased, and scattered in all directions:  (1) the Japhethites (vv. 25) went to Europe and to the northern areas of Asia; (2) the Hamites (vv. 6-20) into Egypt, Ethiopia, … Read more

Genesis 9:1-29

Chap 9:1-2 – Like Adam, Noah received a mandate from the Lord to fill the earth.  God wanted man to quickly inhabit the whole earth just as Adam was commanded.  Noah and his sons were not given the same words concerning dominion that Adam received.  This may be due to the current dominion by Satan (1 … Read more

Genesis 8:1-22 – The Ark

Chapter 8:1-2 That God remembered does not denote that God forgot but is a Hebraic term meaning that God once again began to work on their behalf, and began preparing the renewed world for them.  He caused the wind to pass over the earth (this word in the Hebrew is the same word used for … Read more

Genesis 7:1-24 The Ark

Genesis 7:1-3 – 100 years earlier God gave instructions concerning the building of the ark. As far as we know there was no other word from God until now. Yet Noah persisted in his faith, and his proclamation to his unbelieving neighbors concerning the impending judgment of God. Methuselah was on his deathbed ready to enter the … Read more

Genesis 6:1-22

Genesis 6:1-2 – The identity of the “sons of God” is disputed. Some interpret the term as referring to supernatural beings, followers of Satan, who cohabited with human women (the “daughters of men,”). In Job 1:6;2:1 angelic beings are referred to as the “Sons of God” and the reference to the fallen angels in 2 Peter 2:4 & Jude 6,7 is … Read more

Genesis 5:1-31 – Genealogy

This is the first godly genealogy listed in the Bible, how do we know this? Several facts show us. Adam, described as the son of God in Luke 3 and in this genealogy was a godly man; but the second man, Cain, is not because he was ungodly. The son of Adam who is next listed is … Read more