1 Samuel 18:20-30

1 Samuel 18:20-30

1 Samuel 18:20-30 In this section we have the fourth attempt by Saul to kill David. When the Philistines failed to kill David, Saul was determined more than ever to eliminate David who he saw as a rival to his throne. One day Saul noticed an interaction between his daughter Michal and David that indicated she was in love with David.

Always looking for a way to get rid of David, Saul saw another opportunity through his daughter. It is amazing how far we are able to fall when we turn our back on God and obedience to His Word. Saul was willing to use his daughter’s love for David as a snare against David. Saul hoped that she would seduce and corrupt David with her idolatrous worship and false gods.

If David was drawn into that the judgment of God would fall on him and God would do what Saul could not. God’s protection would be removed from his life. Saul sent some of his servants to speak confidentially with David. They told David that Saul liked him and really wanted him to become his son-in-law. David rejected the marriage proposed by Saul.

His reason was the same as before: he did not have the wealth needed to marry the king’s daughter, to pay the dowry that would be required. Neither did he have the social status to marry a princess. But Saul was not about to give up in his attempt to snare and eliminate David. Saul made a second seductive offer to David: David could earn the dowry for Saul’s daughter by killing 100 Philistines proving it by presenting their foreskins to King Saul.

Saul’s hidden motive and hope was that David would be killed in battle. David accepted the terms laid down by Saul and went out against the Philistines and actually exceeded the terms of the agreement by killing not 100 of the enemy, but 200. The results of David’s success was threefold:

1) Saul was forced to give his daughter in marriage to David.

2) Saul realized that the Lord was with David and that his daughter truly loved him.

3)  Saul began to fear David even more. In Saul’s mind, David would remain his enemy for the rest of his days, which means that Saul was to stand permanently opposed to God.

Saul would never repent of his sin before God. God continued to bless David as he continued to win battle after battle against the Philistines, being far more successful than any other. As a result, David’s name became known more and more throughout the land. He became a hero, highly esteemed and acclaimed by the people.

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