Light in the Darkness

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly dark. This is true in Chicago, our Nation, Israel, Ukraine and sadly even in the Church. Israel just before the war broke out was on the verge of civil war. Our country also has experienced divisiveness. The division in Israel for the most part was based … Read more

Matthew 4:1-25

The same Spirit that gave Jesus a human body Matthew 1:20, and declared his Sonship, now leads Him into the wilderness. The reality of Satan cannot be minimized. To deny his reality is to deny the authority of Scripture. He is the “adversary”, or slanderer. He is chief opposer of God and is seeking to … Read more


Thoughts on Kristallnacht – On Thursday night, November 9, 2023, the Jewish community remembers – Kristallnacht, the Night of the Broken Glass. This day in 1938 was the beginning of the outworking of the genocidal thinking of Nazi Germany. The policies first articulated in Hitler’s Mein Kamph. With the muted response by German society and … Read more

Matthew 3:1-10

Matthew 3:1-4 John the Baptist comes to Herald the coming Messiah. This is the fulfillment of Mal. 3:1 & 4:5 which is revealed in Matt. 11:10. Matthew also quotes Isa. 40:3. The context of Is. 40 is the return of the Babylonian captives returning. We noted this motif of the Babylonian return in our observation … Read more

The Coming King

Rosh Hashanah means literally head of the year. It is the anniversary of creation. The Jewish New Year occurred When Israel became a nation at Passover. In ancient times Trumpets would blow on the anniversary of when a King ascended his throne. Rabbis teach that one of the reasons we blow the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah … Read more

The choices of Abraham

Saadia Gaon and Maimonides two of Israel’s most esteemed sages listed ten reasons why the Shofar is blown on Rosh Hashanah. Last night we considered two, that it was the anniversary of creation and to remember that God is King. A third reason is the akaida the binding of Isaac.  The portion of Scripture read in … Read more

Matthew 1:1-25

The reason Matthew begins with a study of the Genealogy is to establish the credentials of the promised King of Israel. Genealogy in Greek has the same root as Genesis or beginning. In Israel genealogy was essential to establish one’s credentials.  Ezra 2:62 speaks of the returning exiles who ‘searched for their family records but could … Read more

Daniel 12

V 1-3 The first four verses of chapter 12 complete what began in chapter 10. We need to remember that the chapter divisions are not divinely inspired and at times are not attuned to the flow of God’s revelation.  The revelation of chapter 11 continues through Daniel 12:1-4. This is clear from the phrase “at that … Read more

Daniel 11

The vision of Daniel 11 was prophecy in Daniel’s day, but much is now history. Fulfilled prophecy is one of the greatest proofs of the supernatural nature of Scripture. The accuracy of these prophecies is the reason critics attack the Book of Daniel, because they claim that nobody could write history in advance with so many specific … Read more

Daniel 10

10:1. Daniel received this vision in the third year of Cyrus, which was in 536 BC. Daniel this was the same time that the Lord rescued him from the lions’ den (6:1–28). This was right after Cyrus conquered Babylon and issued a proclamation of freedom allowing all Jews who wanted to return to Judea. 50,000 chose to return … Read more