1 Samuel 29:1-11

1 Samuel 29:1-11

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29:1-2 Like David we sometimes get ourselves into awkward, unpleasant, or even perilous predicaments. They can become critical, boxing us in, appearing to have no answer or solution. But the wonderful message of God’s Word is this: there is no circumstance beyond solution, no problem or difficulty beyond the power of God to control or work out, even working the circumstances for our good. David had forsaken the promised land and fled to the Philistines, seeking security from them rather than believing and trusting God. The Philistines are now invading Israel with a massive army and David’s forces have been enlisted to fight for the Philistines by King Achish. David was now caught in the middle of a most difficult situation having to fight against his own people. Bad associations will always create problems for us. It is impossible to walk beside the ungodly and live a godly life and righteous life (Exodus 34:12; 1 Cor. 5:11; 2 Cor. 6:14; 2 Thess. 3:6).

V 3-5 The solution to David’s predicament would be the hand of God. Only the Lord had the power to maneuver events so that David would not have to fight against his own people. As the army of the Philistines began their attack David and his men were at the rear with King Achish. Surprised at seeing David and his men the Philistine generals questioned what David and his men were doing there. King Achish assured them that he had confidence in David’s loyalty as David had served him for over a year now had never failed him. But the Philistine commanders insisted that that David be discharged and sent back to Ziklag; they gave three reasons for this demand: 1) David might turn against them 2) He might use the battle as an opportunity to gain Saul’s favor by joining with Israel 3) and because David was a famous enemy even celebrated in song. This is how the unseen hand of God’s providence saved David from betraying his people.

V 6-11 After hearing the reasonable arguments of his commanders, but King Achish did not want to lose the permanent service of David since he enjoyed the plunder David had been bringing him from his conquests that’s why the king commended him for the loyal service. The king explains the reason and dismissed him from the Philistine army. David objects to his dismissal he asked why the commanders were suspicious and complaining. He wanted to fight against Israel, or at least pretended he did. He wanted to fight for his “lord the king.” This could be taken to be either King Achish, or King Saul, or the Lord Himself. This could be political astuteness on David’s part but sensing tension in David, King Achish began to vindicate David’s service to the Philistines but that David had to be dismissed because of the commanders’ insistence. This could be used later as a reason for retaliation on David’s part when he is elevated to King by the Lord. It is amazing how God oversees everything.


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