Luke 24:13-35

That very day two of them were going to a village named Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem, and they were talking with each other about all these things that had happened. While they were talking and discussing together, Jesus himself drew near and went with them. But their eyes were kept from recognizing him. … Read more

Luke 21:20-24 – The Destruction of Jerusalem

This passage is definitely dealing with the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 and with the Jewish nation throughout history (Luke 21:24). The desolation mentioned here is the desolation of Jerusalem, not the abomination of desolation (that is, the antichrist spoken of by Matthew and Mark, Matthew 24:15; Mark 13:14). Verse 24 makes it clear … Read more

Luke 19:1-10

Luke 19:1-2 Zacchaeus, was a very rich man who made his money at the expense of his kinsmen by joining with Rome to collect their taxes. He is described as “chief”. This is the only time the title “chief” is used with a tax collector. Its meaning is not known. It probably refers to the … Read more

Luke 17:1-37

There are four laws in this passage that could change the world if they were heeded. Even if the world will not heed them they can change the life of a person who will heed them. Law 1: leading another into sin brings judgment (Luke 17:1-2).Law 2: forgiving others is essential (Luke 17:3-4).Law 3: faith … Read more