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Thoughts on Kristallnacht – On Thursday night, November 9, 2023, the Jewish community remembers –…

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Matthew 3:1-10

Matthew 3:1-4 John the Baptist comes to Herald the coming Messiah. This is the fulfillment…

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Matthew 2

Matthew 2:1-2 Bethlehem was a small village on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The religious leaders…

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Matthew 1:1-25

The reason Matthew begins with a study of the Genealogy is to establish the credentials…

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Daniel 12

V 1-3 The first four verses of chapter 12 complete what began in chapter 10….

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Daniel 11

The vision of Daniel 11 was prophecy in Daniel’s day, but much is now history. Fulfilled prophecy…

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Daniel 10

10:1. Daniel received this vision in the third year of Cyrus, which was in 536…

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