Matthew 5:1-48 – Sermon On The Mount

The King and His Precepts and Principles for the Kingdom The message of the King is very closely related to the Older Testament, in fact it is a further testimony of its holiness. Jesus however brought new meaning to the commandments. This is accomplished by the work of the Holy Spirit which would take up … Read more

Matthew 4:1-25

The same Spirit that gave Jesus a human body Matthew 1:20, and declared his Sonship, now leads Him into the wilderness. The reality of Satan cannot be minimized. To deny his reality is to deny the authority of Scripture. He is the “adversary”, or slanderer. He is chief opposer of God and is seeking to … Read more

Matthew 2

Matthew 2:1-2 Bethlehem was a small village on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The religious leaders knew that Bethlehem would be the birthplace of the Messiah from the prophecy of Micah, and they tell this to Herod in v. 5-6 (Mic. 5:2; John 7:42). Herod the Great, referred to here, ruled from 37–4 B.C. He was … Read more