Genesis 19:1-38 – Lot and the consequences of worldliness

Genesis 19:1-38 – Lot and the consequences of worldliness

Lot’s compromise with the world (Genesis 19:1-11).

1. He sat in the gate of Sodom, a sign that he was a leader in the wicked city (Genesis 19:1).
2. He was a believer seen in his fruits (Genesis 19:2-3).
3. He was living in a godless, depraved environment (Genesis 19:4-11).
4. He had made his home with wicked people and became one with them (Genesis 19:6-7).

a. Called them brothers, friends (Genesis 19:7).
b. Engulfed by compromise: Offered his daughters to the mob (Genesis 19:8).
c. Hypocritical life reproved the Sodomites while living a worldly life (Genesis 19:9).

5. He was saved from the mob by the two angels (Genesis 19:10-11).

Lot’s powerless life and testimony (Genesis 19:12-14).
1. A warning to save his family and escape the coming judgment (Genesis 19:12-13).
2. A powerless testimony (Genesis 19:14).

Lot’s desire to linger in the world (Genesis 19:15-22).
1. lingering (Genesis 19:16).
2. God’s mercy: Lot was taken by the hand and forced out (Genesis 19:16b).
3. Lot pleaded against God’s will (Genesis 19:18).
4. Lot pleaded physical weakness (Genesis 19:19).
5. Lot pleaded to remain close to Sodom (in the world) (Genesis 19:20).
6. God accepted Lot’s choice: To continue in worldliness (Zoar, Genesis 19:20,22); But God continued to save: Because of Abraham’s prayer (Genesis 19:22).

The Lesson of Lot’s warning of judgment (Genesis 19:23-26).
1. The compromising believer: Lost everything (Genesis 19:24a).
2. Unbelievers were judged, suffered fire and brimstone (Genesis 19:24b-25).
3. Lot’s wife’s love of the world was judged (Genesis 19:26).

Lot’s deliverance an answer to prayer (Genesis 19:27-29).
1. Abraham arose early and looked to see what had happened (Genesis 19:27-28).
2. God saved Lot because of Abraham’s persevering prayer (Genesis 19:29).

Lot’s tragic end—results of backsliding (Genesis 19:30-38).
1. Fear (Genesis 19:30a).
2. Humiliation—lost all including respect: Lived in a cave (Genesis 19:30b).

A bad influence upon children (Genesis 19:31-36) Immoral thoughts and plans (Genesis 19:32) Drunkenness and sexual impurity (Genesis 19:33) The older sister led the younger sister into evil (Genesis 19:34-36) Trouble for future generations (Genesis 19:37-38) Moab and Benammi father of the Ammorites were born and opposed God’s people. Eventually wiped out.

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