Genesis 18:1-32 – Abraham Visited By God

Genesis 18:1-32 – Abraham Visited By God

Abraham Visited By God: How to Be a Friend of God, Genesis 18:1-15

1. The Lord appeared and sought Abraham’s friendship (Genesis 18:1a)
2. Abraham bowed before the Lord (Genesis 18:1b-2a)
3. Abraham served and met the needs of people Showed hospitality (Genesis 18:2b-8)
4. Abraham believed the promise of God: The promised seed (Genesis 18:9-10)
5. Abraham and Sarah had to conquer unbelief (Genesis 18:11-15)
a. The causes of unbelief (Genesis 18:11-12)
b. The answer to unbelief God’s omniscience & God’s omnipotence (Genesis 18:13-14a)
c. The conquest of unbelief (Genesis 18:14b-15) Sarah lied, denied her guilt, God demanded confession and repentance (Genesis 18:15b)

Abraham Was an Intercessor, a Prayer Warrior, Genesis 18:16-33

1. Abraham longed for God’s presence (Genesis 18:16)
2. Abraham learned of God’s call and purpose for his life (Genesis 18:17-19)
a. His call and purpose (Genesis 18:18)
b. His responsibility (Genesis 18:19a-b) To teach the way of the Lord (Genesis 18:19a)          and do what is right and just (Genesis 18:19b)
c. Abraham was led to think of faithfulness and of reward (Genesis 18:19c)
3. Abraham understood the pain of God’s heart over wickedness (Genesis 18:20-21)
4. Abraham interceded for Lot and his family (Genesis 18:22-26)
a. Abraham acknowledged that God is just and righteous (Genesis 18:25)
b. God answered Abraham’s prayer (Genesis 18:26)
c. Abraham acknowledged his unworthiness (Genesis 18:27)
d. God continued to answer his prayer (Genesis 18:28b)
e. Abraham continued to pray not giving up (Genesis 18:29-33)
f. God answered his prayer (Genesis 18:32a)

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