Genesis 46

Genesis 46:1-4 – Jacob had reservations about leaving the land that was promised to him by God. (Gen. 35:12).  Likely sensing the hand of God in all that had unfolded Jacob began his journey.  He had no word not to go and it seemed that this was the right thing to do.  He traveled from Hebron to Egypt and … Read more

Genesis 36

Genesis 36:1-5 This section looks into the genealogy of Esau. Esau is also called Edom which refers to his headship over the nation of Edom. Esau and Edom are identified as one in Obad 1:8. The name comes from the event of Esau selling his birthright to Jacob for the “red stew” that Jacob had prepared … Read more

Genesis 32

Genesis 32:1-2 – As an indication of God’s approval and blessing upon Jacob he sends his angels to appear to him.  When Jacob was fleeing Esau, God sent these angels to appear to him at Bethel (Gen. 28:12).  God does this for Jacob to remind him that He is his protector and shield and to reassure him as … Read more

Genesis 31

Genesis 31:1-3 – The sons of Laban became more and more vexed that Jacob continued to prosper.  What was thought to be a shrewd deal on their father’s part was now becoming a disaster in their eyes.  Their flocks were not reproducing as well now that Jacob was not in charge, and Jacob’s were multiplying.  They blamed their losses … Read more

Genesis 30

Genesis 30:1-2 – Rachel who was forced to wait to marry her husband because of her father and Laban’s conspiracy now has to deal with the humiliation of not being able to have children.  It would be disappointing enough just to be barren but imagine the agony as you begin to see the love of your … Read more

Genesis 29

Genesis 29:1-6 The next 3 chapters of Genesis chronicle Jacobs 20 years away from the land of promise.  When Jacob flees his brother, he is about 75 years old.   The boys were 40 when Esau married the Canaanite women.  Jacob’s son Joseph was born 18 years after he fled from Esau. By comparing a number of accounts in … Read more

Genesis 27 (No audio available)

Genesis 27:1-5 – Despite the obvious lack of discernment and spiritual dullness demonstrated by Esau, Isaac still wants to impart the blessing of the first born on Esau.  In most commentaries Jacob is characterized as a liar, a deceiver, a usurper, a lover of money, shrewd, covetous, and lacking ethical scruples, caring only for his self-interests.  In … Read more

Genesis 28 (No audio available)

Genesis 28:1-5 Isaac in the meantime has repented of his actions and taking now the counsel of his wife Rebekah. Isaac gives Jacob his sincere blessings and charges him to marry a woman from one of their own relatives and not from the Canaanites as Esau had done.  The blessing given is similar to the one … Read more

Genesis 25:29-34-Genesis 26:1-16

Genesis 25:29-34 The blessing of the eldest involved a number of things. First it meant receiving a double portion of the father’s estate. (Deuteronomy 21:17) “But he shall acknowledge the firstborn, the son of the unloved, by giving him a double portion of all that he has, for he is the beginning of his strength; … Read more