Genesis 20:1-18

Genesis 20:1-18

How God Keeps and Secures the Believer, Even Through Sin, Genesis 20:1-18.

Abraham sinned (Genesis 20:1-2) forsook the promised land: Moved to Gerar, and once again deceived and lied to others (Genesis 20:2).

Once again God secured Abraham through the miraculous (Genesis 20:3-7).

God warned the king of judgment: The king appealed to the Lord. The Lord has power over all persons and nations (Genesis 20:4), is just and righteous, and does not punish unjustly: The Lord knew the king was innocent (Genesis 20:5). His power did not allow the king to touch Sarah (Genesis 20:6b) and demanded that he return Sarah to Abraham (Genesis 20:7).

God rebuke Abraham through an ungodly king (Genesis 20:8-10). This includedthe rebuke of shame and embarrassment (Genesis 20:8), of causing others to sin (Genesis 20:9) and the rebuke of being fearful and distrustful (Genesis 20:10).

Abraham confesses to the king (Genesis 20:11-13) his sin of fear, of not trusting God (Genesis 20:11), of lying and twisting the truth by telling a half truth (Genesis 20:12), and his sin of misusing and exploiting Sarah (Genesis 20:13).

God worked all things out for good (Genesis 20:14-18) The family was reunited and given gifts (Genesis 20:14). Repentant Abraham, was given a new land, a new place of service and worship (Genesis 20:15) Sarah, was saved from shame and embarrassment (Genesis 20:16). The unsaved king was, most likely, brought to faith (Genesis 20:17). The king and his household were blessed (Genesis 20:18).

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