About Roy

About Roy

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I was born and raised in New York. My mother emigrated from Berlin, due to the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis. My father was the son of Jewish immigrants who left Budapest Hungary to come to the United States in the early 1900’s.

At the age of thirteen I received my Bar Mitzvah in the Orthodox tradition. While traveling across the country in the summer of 1971, I came to believe that Jesus (Yeshua) was the Messiah through Gentile Christians who had a love for Israel and the Jewish people. It was through their prayers and sharing with me about the God of Israel that I too came to believe that Jesus was the Messiah. Initially I didn’t really understand much about my own sinful ways, I just came to believe that Jesus was the Messiah of the Jewish people and believed that God wanted me to put my faith in Him.

My biggest resistance to accepting Jesus as Messiah was that Jesus was the source of all the persecution of the Jewish people throughout the centuries and that His followers were filled with hypocrisy and prejudice. But as I read the New Testament I was amazed to discover how Jewish Jesus was and that His disciples were all Jewish as well. My entire understanding of Jesus was based on the stories I had heard from my family and friends who like me did not really know what the Bible said only what we thought it said. When I read the Bible with an open mind and open heart I was deeply touched by its message and by the Person of Jesus.

I have been involved in Jewish ministries since 1975. I have worked on the college campus, led home Bible studies, and have begun four Messianic Congregations with Chosen People Ministries, — one in Toronto and three in the Chicago area. Currently I lead weekly Bible studies the Chicago area. These studies have led to both Jews and Gentiles to understand the Jewishness of Christianity and have helped others to come faith in Jesus. I oversee the Midwest Region of Chosen People Ministries based in Chicago and currently lead the Messianic Congregation of Chicago (MC2).

Each year I lead a trip to Israel helping Christians understand the Land, the People and the Bible. These trips help Christians understand the Jewish roots of their faith and how it applies to their walk as Believers in the faith of Abraham.

I am a graduate of Moody Bible Institute where I received a diploma in Jewish Studies. I have also done post graduate work at Trinity Seminary in Bannockburn, IL. I was ordained through the Olive Tree Congregation, the first congregation I planted with Chosen People Ministries which is now located now in Prospect Heights, Illinois.

I have authored the book “Where Jesus Walked”, which examines over 50 portions of the life of Jesus demonstrating how Israel’s prophets foretold events that were fulfilled in the life of Jesus. Each portion is considered from a Jewish perspective giving insights that help in understanding the context of the New Covenant and giving greater understanding of Jewish roots of the New Covenant that was promised by the prophet Jeremiah over twenty six hundred years ago. I have also served on the pastoral staff of Moody Church in Chicago.

At Messianic Congregation of Chicago every week we read the weekly parsha’s that are read in all the Synagogues around the world. Then we study those Scriptures in the light of the New Covenant. Please join us at our congregation which meets every Saturday morning, 10:30 AM at 1709 West Cornelia in Chicago.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

Where Jesus Walked: A Jewish
Perspective of Israel’s Messiah
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