Genesis Introduction

Genesis Introduction

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These notes on Genesis and for that matter all the notes on this website, were created as a basis for Bible studies that I have led in homes and in businesses.  They are not exhaustive but served to help me as I taught.  In my classes I would expand on these notes and answer questions that arose from the notes and our discussions.  Some of the classes have been recorded but most have not.  So please use these notes as a jumping off point for more study.  I hope they are help to you as you read.  Nothing of course will substitute reading the Word of God itself.  The Scriptures are the source of life and godliness.  Moreover it is through God ‘s Word that faith is grown and generated Romans 10:17 – So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Messiah.  The Rabbis teach that all the Law and Prophets (ie. The Scriptures) were for nothing but the Days of Messiah. We believe that the Messiah is the incarnation of God’s Word.  If you want to know what God is like, If you want to His Word embodied you simply need to look to Yeshua and you will see.

Genesis is the foundation of the entire Scriptures.  If you intend to build a structure that will endure, the most important part is its foundation.  In the same way if you intend to understand the Scriptures it is most important that you understand Genesis.  We have in this book vital information that explains the origin of all things. Including the origins of the universe, the origin of matter, space and time. We see in this book order and complexity – In Biology you learn that things tend to deteriorate from order to disorder.  Order and complexity never arise on their own; they are always generated from a prior cause.  The cause is explained in Genesis.

In this book we learn about the creation of the solar system; the atmosphere; life; man; marriage; evil; languages; government; nations; religion; the Chosen People. No other book of the Bible is quoted as often and in more places than the Book of Genesis.  In the New Testament there are over 165 passages that refer to Genesis.  The writers of both Old and New Testaments viewed Genesis as historical, accurate, and authoritative, this included the testimony of Jesus. Moses wrote the Book of Genesis.  There are three possibilities as to how Moses received this information. He received it all by direct revelation from God, either in the form of audible words dictated by God and transcribed by him, or else by visions given him of the great events of the past, which he then put down in his own words, as guided subconsciously by the Holy Spirit. He received it all by oral tradition, passed down over the centuries, and then he collected it and wrote it guided by the Holy Spirit. Or he took documents and records in existence and recorded them with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


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